This is was my very first time to do an Advent Calendar - I hope that I was able to offer you something that you might like!!  Thank you so much for coming by and visiting.  I do intend on participating with an Advent Calendar in 2017 so don't forget me .. lol .. and I will see you in December of 2017.

Remember that I do have a monthly sigtag club and would love to have you join!


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 I hope that you will enjoy your special gifts from me throughout the month of December 2016.  If you choose to use anything that you might receive from me, sigtag, blog bit set, IM stat, adoptable, line set, tube set - please always link back to my website: or you can use logo with a link back .. logo is to your left in the main menu area.

Of course I must tell you about my monthly sigtag club that I do - hey who knows, possibly you might want to join :-)  I have a monthly sigtag club where I will make each member personalized sigtags, a minimum of 15 monthly, there will also be other goodies throughout the month, i.e. blog bit sets, IM Stationery, line sets, tube sets and at least one monthly calendar.  I would love to have you join!  The cost for membership is $15 for each month, if you would like to purchase two months at a time there is a bit of a discount, it would be $25 for 2 months.  For samples of my work, take a look at my main site and I have a link to my monthly sigtag club which will show you samples of the goodies :-)

If you would like to join me, please send me an email with the following information:

  1. Name for your sigtags

  2. Email address

  3. Paypal email address

  4. hair color

  5. eye color

  6. website URL if you have one

  7. Did you read my TOU?

I look forward to making special gifts for you throughout the month and I wish you and yours a very special and joyous holiday season!

Merry Christmas!!

Hugs from me